Chocolate Peanut Butter Candy

Back in 2008, my mom, dad, and younger sister came to our house for Christmas. Chalane was in charge of making a family favorite, buckeyes.  She melted the butter rather than softening it. The dough ended up being too soft to roll into balls. Rather than dumping it and starting over, Chalane spread it into two pans and poured the melted chocolate on top. The candy tasted the same and was so much easier and less time consuming to make. We have made it this way every year since.

The rest of the dinner that year was just comedy of errors that couldn’t be salvaged. I messed up the cake. Jason turned the oven off by mistake. The ham stayed just warm enough long enough to go bad and it would have been a health hazard to eat it. We’re still not sure what went wrong with the squash and the bread didn’t rise. Christmas dinner ended up being Chinese take out. When we all look back on it, though, it was one of our favorite Christmases.


1 lb butter, melted

3 lbs powdered sugar

2 lbs peanut butter

2  11.5 oz bags milk chocolate chips

1/2 bar parafin wax

Mix butter, sugar, and peanut butter together until all of the sugar is incorporated. I mix it by hand.

Divide into two even parts and press into two 9×13 pans.

For each pan, melt 1 bag chocolate chips with 1/4 bar wax. Spread evenly over peanut butter dough.

When chocolate sets, cut into squares. About 60 per pan for 120 total.



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