Field Trips

Field trips are great ways to reinforce what your family is learning or to inspire new areas of interest. Frequently, homeschool families have opportunities for field trips that conventionally schooled children do not. A jeweler or chocolate shop cannot accommodate a large group, but may be more than happy to demonstrate their work for one or two families. We once went on a factory tour that would only give tours to children of employees whose family homeschooled plus a few homeschooled friends, up to 15. Restaurants, especially pizza restaurants, will often allow tours by small groups.

I have been amazed how many times God has provided a field trip that “just so happens” to coincide with what we have been studying. Sometimes these have been with groups, but quite often it has been just our family.

If your field trip destination charges a fee, ask if they give the school discount or rate to homeschoolers. This has saved us a lot of money over the years!


Season passes are another way to save money. As we discovered when we visited Plimouth Plantation, some places will discount season passes for homeschoolers, but not a day pass. We calculated the price of each and it was cheaper to buy the season pass. Plus, we were able to go back the next day!

Many zoos, aquariums, and museums have free days. Bear in mind that it can be very, very crowded on free days!

Reenactment days at historical sites are always fun and interesting. They typically include costumed interpreters and hands-on activities. Sometimes those costumed interpreters play the roles of actual people that lived during that time period. Typically, the interpreter knows just about everything there is to know about the person whom they are playing. Ask questions!

Ideas for field trips:

  • historic sites
  • museums
  • festivals
  • factories
  • restaurant/bakery/candy store
  • farm or dairy
  • zoo
  • aquarium
  • nature center
  • planetarium
  • botanical garden
  • caverns
  • hikes
  • airport
  • fire station
  • police station
  • city hall
  • state capitol
  • political rallies or events
  • TV station
  • radio station
  • newspaper
  • a friend or relative’s place of business

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